How to Play in Nine Steps

From shuffling, building quest lines and passing your first Arches.

Open the Arch

Once an ancient gateway to seperate the mundane from the sublime, now is the chance for you and your crew to bring your own heroics to life.

Step 1: Choose Roles

To enchance your experience, choose who will lead, photograph, document, and navigate your adventure.

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Step 2: Stir The Magic

The Leader invites each Archer to follow tradition and knock on the quest cards to stir their magic.

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Step 3: Read the Invocation

Read each Arch´s invocation and inspire your crew with its virtue.

Pass the Arch

Take action on the quest cards you choose, head out into the world, and embark on the most thrilling experience for you and your crew.

Step 4: Select Your Quest Cards

Roll the dice and select (3) quest cards from the suit chosen. Do not show your cards to your fellow Archmates 🤫

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Step 5: Be Strategic & Build Your Questlines

Starting with the youngest player, place the first or lead quest card down. Moving to the left, be creative and add two more cards until three cards - or a questline - has been built. Build three quest lines, and choose the best for your crew.

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Step 6: Embark on Your Adventure

Use your chosen quest line to guide your adventure in real life, and fulfill the spirit of each card in action!

See Other Archers in the Field

Close the Arch

Capture your heroics, share them to inspire others, and plan your next session.

Step 7: Capture Your Hero Moments

Take and share your pictures and share them with our Archer community by tagging us @playninearches and using the hashtag # ninearches

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Step 8: Document Your Quest

Etch your heroics in words, documenting your quest in our official Archer log or notebook.

Step 9: Award Keys & Plan Your Next Session

Award yourself a key after completing each Arch, and get closer to unlocking the secrets at the end of your journey.


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