Building Quest Lines

A Step by Step Guide

1: Set Up Your Suits & Roll the Destiny Dice

Organize your magical deck by its power suits. Then, starting with the youngest player, roll the dice to determine your first suit.

Pick Your Quest Cards

The youngest chooses (3) cards from the suit depicted on the die. Continue until three Archers have rolled, picked and hold nine cards. Important: Do not show your cards to your fellow Archers 🤫

Dream Up Your Possibilities

Study your chosen quest cards, unleash your creativity and imagine what actions they could trigger.

Build Your First Quest Line

Starting with the youngest, place the first quest card down. Moving to the left, use your creativity and build on your experience by placing the second card down next to the first. Continue until three cards — and the first quest line — has been played.

Build Your Other Questlines

Moving to the left, each Archer places a card to complete the second and third questline, and using all nine cards.

Choose Your Quest Line & Take Action

Discuss your cards, consult the guide, and choose the questline that is best for you and your crew. Then embark on your adventure, taking action on each of your quest cards 👌