Archer Roles

On every great adventure, there is a role for everyone to play.

Your journey through the trials of the Nine Arches is sure to be packed with thrills and close calls. Enhance your adventure and organize your crew by choosing roles, picking from limited edition pins (Legacy Kit only) and embracing your own duties in the field. 

Your Limited Edition Pins

The core roles, from left to right: Archleader, Scribe, Photgrapher & Navigator.

The Archleader

- You lead the adventure.

- Inspire your Archmates.

- Create a lively atmosphere.

- Invite discussion.

- Act as tiebreaker. 

The Photographer

- Embrace your inner artist and capture your adventure in photos or videos.

- Share your stuff and tag all players.

- Use the chosen quest cards in images.

- Share your masterpieces and tag us @ninearches.

- Do not forget a photo under an Arch in real life (or make your own).

The Scribe

- Keeper of Archer traditions.

- Open and close the Arches by reading invocations.

- Ensure the spirit of the quest cards are honored.

- Award keys after Arches are closed.

- Pen the tale in the Archlog or journal.

The Navigator

- Master of logistics.

- Set up cloth, cards and game components.

- Manage all logistics (maps, food, travel).

- Propose new locations and ideas for transport

- Schedule next play sessions