Wheels of Joy

Imagine the joy,

Inventing the wheel.

It’s time to recapture

That zip and zeal.

Getting something spinning

Is your new goal.

Whatever your wheels,

Let the good times roll!

About this card

Wheels of Joy is your new happiness machine. You

now have the ability to transform your wheels of

choice — bicycle, roller skates, unicycle — into a handy, mood-boosting transport. As you pedal the open road, notice your endorphins, energy levels and spirits rising.

Start with a spin down the street. See where the

joyride takes you. Embrace the freedom of self-propelled motion. Savor the burn. Keep going.


  • Master the unicycle.
  • Repair an old bike and give it as a gift.
  • Throw a roller skating party.
  • Ride in a motorcycle rally.
  • Spin a pot on a pottery wheel.
  • Create a procession of tandem bikes.
  • Use a scooter for an entire day.
  • Make your own stationary bike.
  • Bike across the country.

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