Stand and deliver,

While you raise your glass.

Toasts well spoken give

Any moment class.

Speak from the heart,

Make it real with a wink.

And then with a smile,

Make those glasses clink.

About this card

The Toast is a token of gratitude. The simple act of

raising a glass and giving voice to thoughts straight from the heart is among our most cherished traditions. Be wary of taking the card too lightly or shying away from this opportunity. Rise to your feet. Be proud to be here. Be commanding in delivery. Make it sing. Make it count. To you all!


  • Invite your closest friends to a party and raise a glass to celebrate your friendship.
  • Craft a toast in rhyming verse.
  • Honor an elder by interviewing them about their life story.
  • Recreate a famous toast from history.
  • Pack a bottle of champagne and clink flutes on the summit of a local mountain.
  • Serenade strangers on the street with spontaneous toasts.
  • Make a toast to toast.
  • Tell a story you’ve never told before.
  • Be vulnerable and share a great fear.

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