9 Tips & Tactics to Play Nine Arches

9 Tips & Tactics to Play Nine Arches

9 Tips & Tactics to Play Nine Arches

You Chose Wisely

If you are reading this note, know you made the right choice. Know that you are special. Not everyone has the courage to play a game of adventures in real life, and where your mission is take action on your desires and create the most fantastical experiences possible. Know you are not alone, and now enter a community of Archers ready to conspire with you and bring everyday magic to life.

As new friends, we welcome you. As fellow Archers, we salute you. To enhance your adventure, we share these 9 Tips & Tactics.

1. Get Ready for a New Experience

Nine Arches is more than a game. It is a an experience that will take place beyond the confines of your dining room table, and far from your game console. All your play sessions will take place in real life, and encourage you to push your boundaries and create daring moments.

2. Shatter Your Comfort Zones

The wisdom of the Arches revolves around staying fresh, curious and increasing levels of vitality. When you shuffle, build and imagine what you can do with your quest cards, challenge yourself to dream big and bust up your bucket list. If you feel a little bit nervous, don’t worry. You are playing the game correctly.

3. Arch at Your Own Risk

The game itself encourages real world activities, and when dicing up vegetables for the The Chef card, or summiting peaks for High Ground, remember you are playing at your own risk. So be careful, stay hydrated and remember to oblige by local laws, customs and regs.

4. Consider the Value of Intention

Our world is faster than ever. Do not be afraid to take a moment to consider what you want from your experience in the Arches. Incorporating an intention into your deals can help ensure you and your Archer crew receive and arrive at the moments you desire.

5. It Is Always a Good Time to Strengthen Relationships (or start new ones.)

Feel free to use your deck of quest cards as a motivator (or excuse) to bond and grow tighter with friends you don’t see often, family members who know you should spend more time with, or even strangers. Our greatest treasures are our relationships. Strengthen them, and learn new facets of your allies and yourself through action.

6. Join & Share Your Adventures With The Community

Confidence is contagious. Inspire others and share your photos and videos in our Archer community of dreamers and doers. You never know what ideas you might spark, what new traditions you might start, and whom you might meet. Archer weddings, romances, friendships, spontaneous camping outings, road trips and more are fair game.

7. Create Your Own Archer Traditions

Our community is new, fresh. We need your ideas, your input, and you new traditions. How else can we inspire others to bring everyday magic into the world, and embark on our most fantastic journeys?

8. Do Not Overlook the Arches in Your Life

Look around. Look closer. You are surrounded by Archers, the gateways and frames for your triumphs. Share in the Archer tradition of placing yourself under their vissoirs, snap a pic and share your heroics.

9. Consider the Power of the Number 9

For centuries, the symbol 9 has been considered the number of wisdom, power and transformation. It is the highest number you can reach before returning to the beginning of the numerical system, and represents the levels of achievement in our game and your journey.