A sudden gasp,

And the shock in their eye.

Effects desired,

Of any great surprise.

Find your way,

To subvert expectation.

And turn dull moments

Into vacations.

About this card

Routine offers order, space to focus and achieve. But too much routine can be toxic, suffocating our natural desire to learn new things, encounter new allies and grow. Surprise! is the antidote, an act of spontaneity to scramble our patterns, uplift our spirits and inject freshness into our days. Play beyond the card and weave the spirit of Surprise! into how you think and everything you do. You’ll never feel stale again.


  • Perform “trail magic” and leave care packages for long-distance hikers.
  • Throw an impromptu surprise dance party.
  • Rent a limousine and drive around town, picking up all your friends just because.
  • Invent a Mystery Dinner Event and host it.
  • Ambush a friend with a whipped cream pie.
  • Master a magic trick or illusion.
  • Show up at a friends house bearing a gift.
  • Tell a joke to a stranger, and try and learn one in return.
  • Pop out of a cardboard refrigerator box.

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