Strike a pose with skill,

Hold it with your will.

Find thethrill,

In keeping completely still.

Loose hips and lithe muscles

Are now the norm.

With flexibility,

Take any form.

About this card

The body is a machine designed for motion, not stag-nation. Pose summons the contortionist within and challenges us to stretch our limbs and adapt to new positions. Beyond spine and limbs, Pose also teaches dexterity in thinking, urging us to let go of tired ideas and leave stilted, stubborn ways of being behind.

Remember: The most constant force we face is change itself. The ability to adapt is critical to your adventure.

Position your hips and mind accordingly.


  • Stretch everyday for a week.
  • Try a headstand.
  • Go in for a round of goat yoga.
  • Try an advanced body posture like kakasana, or crow pose.
  • Join in for a tai chi session in the park.
  • Tie a tight rope around two trees and balance your way across it.
  • Photograph each other testing out a series of hilarious poses.
  • Be a mime for a day.
  • Get your own limbo line going.

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