Find a patch of grass,

Spread the blanket out.

Open the basket,

And just lay about.

When time distills down,

To the purest parts.

Joy is sure to fill,

Each of your crew’s hearts.

About this card

Picnic celebrates the greatest luxury of all: simplicity.

Pack the delicacies you love, carrying only what

matters. Scout a serene location to lay your blanket, attune your senses to nature and adopt her pace.

Permit yourself to be present, truly. Listen. Laugh.

Give space. Open your heart. Resist the temptation

to rush and savor the priceless gift of good company, and your movable feast will be a magical one.


  • Fire up a drift wood beach barbecue.
  • Catch your own fish and grill it with your crew.
  • Pick the most esoteric ingredient you can find, and hide it as a surprise inside your basket.
  • Imagine the greatest picnic ever and recreate it for yourselves.
  • Find a baguette from your local bakery and pick nine ingredients to fill it.
  • Lovingly crash someone’s picnic with chocolate-covered cherries and a piñata.
  • Invent and name your own sandwich.
  • Find a lake, rent a boat and spread your blanket on the bow for an afternoon.
  • Meet a friend at the park for lunch.

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