Come on now, be brave,

The water’s just fine.

Dive right in and leave

The shoreline behind.

You’ll feel more alive,

In the great blue sea.

Open Swim through the waves,

To ecstasy.

About this card

Diving under a wave or jumping off that rock at the

swimming hole, Open Swim is your chance to receive a dose of rejuvenation that only the most ancient playgrounds can provide. As you float on the surface or crash through the surf, notice the feeling of liberation and independence as the weight of gravity lifts.

It may feel familiar. We are descended from the open water, and our return leaves us recharged and reborn.

For best results, return often.


  • Locate the closest watering hole, grab your trunks and head out for a dip.
  • Find the closest beach and go for an afternoon.
  • Crash a pool party with a cannonball.
  • Float down a river.
  • Go snorkeling.
  • Try spearfishing.
  • Take a cleansing Yuzu bath.
  • Host a game of water polo.
  • Find a natural spring.

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