Nomad Road

Remember now,

not all wanderers are lost.

The Nomad lives for

The path never crossed.

On the road less traveled,

adventure lies.

A new moment each day

Is your ultimate prize.

About this card

Curiosity is a muscle. It requires practice, exercise,

and maintenance. When we stop being curious, our interest in new opportunities and possibilities fades.

Nomad is a wake up call to reactivate your sense of curiosity, an innate superpower that can lead you down roads you’ve never been on, introduce you to friends you never thought you had, even explore new parts of yourself. The only wrong turns you can make, the card teaches, are the same old ones.


  • Wander out your door and keep going.
  • Take left turns for an entire day.
  • Take the really long way home.
  • Learn a hobo sign and use one in real life.
  • Go backpacking and couch surfing for a week.
  • Learn to turn your Nine Arches bandanna into a bindle or hobo sack.
  • Take the closest train to the farthest city away for a slice of cake, and then return.
  • Write a story about getting lost.
  • Take a year sabbatical, starting now.

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