Imagine their look,

When they read your note.

Eyes wide with a smile,

A new anecdote...

Their mystery starts

When you grab your pen.

Write wonder

Into their world once again.

About this card

Mystery Note reminds us to celebrate the unknown

and harness the power of wonder. Do your part to

bring wonder back into the world by scribbling an

inspiring note and hiding it in a place for another to encounter. A small salvo in the crusade against routine, boredom and staleness of spirit, you are certain to trigger more than a smile. You will remind us all that any moment can be a magical one. Deploy wisely.


  • Claim today as a personal holiday and indulge. You deserve it!
  • Write your own romantic sonnet and croon.
  • Make heart shaped candy (or origami?) and deliver to friends.
  • Author a custom crossword puzzle about one person. Or yourself.
  • Make vows. Or renew them.
  • Scrawl a romantic message in lipstick.
  • Adopt a pet.
  • Make your own bon bons and deliver them.
  • Take a bubble bath.

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