The lover believes,

That love only lifts.

Be it words, service, touch, time,

And or gifts.

Let love overflow.

Whose cup will you fill?

Your partner’s?

Your friend’s?

Your own til it spills?

About this card

The Lover refuses to be easily defined. While there

are many forms of love, from familial to romantic,

none compares to self-love. Without a solid and

unshakable love of self, other exercises of love will

be masked by petty grabs for attention, an unat-

tractive air of neediness or the dangerous drive to

seek wholeness in another. Never easy to achieve,

start by accepting yourself fully. Chuckle at your

flaws. Be sure to heal your own wounds. Deeper,

stronger, more lasting relationships start here.


  • Claim today as a personal holiday and indulge. You deserve it!
  • Write your own romantic sonnet and croon.
  • Make heart shaped candy (or origami?) and deliver to friends.
  • Author a custom crossword puzzle about one person. Or yourself.
  • Make vows. Or renew them.
  • Scrawl a romantic message in lipstick.
  • Adopt a pet.
  • Make your own bon bons and deliver them.
  • Take a bubble bath.

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