The inventor yearns

To make something new

What concept will you

Pull out of the blue?

Test all ideas noble,

Wacky and wild.

You’ll change the world,

When your patent is filed.

About this card

Inventor is an ode to obsession. Without a restless and passionate drive, our ability to generate new ideas fizzles and fades. Obsession is the solution, a super-fuel that can summon our boldest masterpieces and realize our dreamiest ambitions. It’s not only fortune the Inventor seeks, but the endless riches and dividends that come with original ways of thinking. Stagnation is your enemy, so let the tinkering begin.


  • Macguyver a lap pool from hay and tarp.
  • Open a bottle of wine with only your boot.
  • Produce a blueprint for a new invention.
  • Identify a local political problem and present realistic solutions.
  • Coin a series of new words or phrases.
  • Scribble ten new ideas a day for nine days.
  • Invent a new self care ritual.
  • Design your own maze.
  • Develope your own alter ego.

You can invent anything you like! check this example:

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