All of a sudden

The temperature drops.

When everything’s frozen,

Everything stops.

You must find a way,

To now brave the cold.

The ice only thaws

Those who are bold.

About this card

Ice is a test. Face the frost with composure and grit

and be rewarded with the wondrous powers of

nature’s most ancient remedy: a stronger immune

system, increased focus and stamina, better sleep.

Too wondrous to ignore, Ice also delivers confidence as you learn to overcome discomfort with ease and brave the roughest conditions with elegance and grace. Feel the fire. Take the plunge.


  • Turn your freezer into a popsicle factory.
  • Commit to a week of polar plunges across showers, pools, and lakes.
  • Take an “air bath” and undergo a bracing walk in the cold.
  • Try your hand at ice sailing, ice fishing, or ice climbing.
  • Make ice cream in a bag.
  • Build your own igloo.
  • Attempt to carve an ice sculpture.
  • Sample eiswein, or ice wine, from Austria.
  • Make your own Mongolian shaved ice.

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