High ground

Way up here,

You can avoid all the crowds.

Your only companions,

Those puffy clouds.

Feel the holiness,

At the northern face.

High Ground, your ladder

To a sacred place.

About this card

Mountains have always been deemed sacred, a holy crossroads between our world and the heavens. By trekking to a supreme vantage point, you will witness the world with unusual freshness and clarity. On High Ground, epiphanies are within reach. Keep climbing.

So long as you summit to the highest peaks of your abilities, you will revel in the boundless nature of your own potential. To the mountains!


  • Do that hike you’ve always wanted to do.
  • Take a leap of faith by diving off a cliff or bungee jumping off a bridge.
  • Create a human pyramid.
  • Go hang out on your roof.
  • Sled, surf, or roll down hills or dunes.
  • Master a challenging route in your climbing gym.
  • Look at the world´s most fantastic peaks, pick your favorite and start training.
  • Find the highest point in your state, gear up and get to the top.
  • Find a trampoline and jump for joy.

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