Towering castles

And underground lairs.

Uncover a solitude

Beyond compare.

A hero is stronger,

When decompressed.

Find your Hideaway,

Replenish and rest.

About this card

Serenity is not an easy state to achieve. Let Hideaway escort you to a new and inspiring place of peace.

Either that cabin amid the pines, or the pillow fort

in your living room, the trick is to disappear. To truly power down. To recharge fully. Liberated from the yoke of responsibility and static of endless distraction, you will be free to snuggle up and listen deeply to your most important ally. Yourself.


  • Do an overnight in your backyard.
  • Build an elaborate fort out of pillows, sheets, and furniture.
  • Take a digital sabbath and banish all technology for a day.
  • Spend the afternoon in a hammock.
  • Make a pilgrimage to your childhood home.
  • Pretend you’re in a French chalet for the night and make raclette.
  • Splurge and treat yourself to a night at the nicest hotel nearby.
  • Immerse in a sound bath.
  • Sleep under the stars.

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