Ghost opens a trap door,

To another world.

One where the past,

And present are swirled.

Memories and love

Take up residence there.

It’s up to you to give

Our lost ones care.

About this card

As the grand reaper of time and symbol of its ruthless speed, Ghost reminds us no moment is more precious than the present. However you choose to connect with the departed — sneaking into a cemetery, dusting off an old photo, hosting a séance — you are forging a link between mortality and vitality.

Celebrate the permanence of death, this card teaches,so you can appreciate the fragility of life.


  • Build an ofrenda, or altar, to honor loved ones and create your own Day of the Dead.
  • Go to a cemetery and come back with a tombstone rubbing.
  • Honor an ancestor or lost one by doing something they loved to do.
  • Find and explore a ghost town.
  • Hold a séance (ouija board optional).
  • Tell scary stories around a campfire.
  • Write a letter to someone you’ve lost and place it on their tombstone.
  • Revisit the scariest place from childhood.
  • Study up on a figure from ancient history and incorporate their philosophies into your life.

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