Adorn yourself,

With silliness and laughter.

To let loose is what

The Funky Hat is after.

Liberated from your

Ordinary role.

Find a new crown

To uplift your soul.

About this card

A tip of the brim to frivolity and liberation, let Funky Hat unlock your most playful spirit. Shy and timid instincts don’t belong here. As you try on your Stetson and transform into a rugged rancher, a spellbinding sorceress or the character of your choosing, feel the power and freedom of your new look. The greatest queens and kings, even in times of crisis, always find


  • Craft your own crown, tiara or jester cap.
  • Wear the hat of your oldest relative.
  • Find a top hat, host your own ball and speak in British accents.
  • Throw a hat party.
  • Engage in an activity that requires pirate hats.
  • Turn your Nine Arches bandanna into a hat.
  • Find exotic hats at a local thrift shop and pass them out for a toast at a local coffee shop. Dye your hair a bold color.
  • Commandeer wigs (easily found at a Halloween shop) and surprise a neighbor.

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