Dance Party

Gather your friends,

So you’ll all feel the beat.

Get down on the floor,

Go dance in the street.

Show off your moves,

Twist and shake without fear.

Your stress and worries

Will soon disappear.

About this card

Motion releases tension, rhythm feeds the soul and the pathway to bliss starts in the feet. Dance is one of our oldest forms of communication, and so a formal invitation to Dance Party is hardly necessary. Salsa your way to the salon. Tango to the town square. Turn dancing into a daily habit and unlock the most upbeat version of yourself. Shrug woff any fears. The more you boogie, the smoother the woogie.


  • Host a dance-off.
  • Study the tango with a partner.
  • Pull together a flash mob on a rooftop and dance together.
  • Recruit your buddies for a full-on square dance.
  • Attempt an acrobatic martial art like capoeira.
  • Create and name a signature dance move.
  • Organize a silent (but raucous) rave.
  • Learn a folk dance.
  • Take a swing-dancing lesson.

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