Spark up the grill,

Find your favorite flavors.

Make your masterpiece

A dish to savor.

A pinch of this,

Another dash of that.

Season it to taste,

And earn your Chef’s hat.

About this card

The Chef is no cook. On a quest for perfection, the

Chef seeks to transform the most spartan kitchen

and banal ingredients into a symphony of flavors,

moods and moments. No formal training is necessary.

Be guided by a curiosity to experience new flavors

and textures. Be driven by your mad obsession to

detail. Be empowered by your ability to seduce any guests at your table with only a bite.

Bon appétit!


  • Reinvent a family recipe.
  • Create your own hot sauce.
  • Design a nine-course meal around a theme.
  • Make the consommé.
  • Devise a recipe for the perfect day and invite your closest friends for a feast.
  • Make a meal entirely from foraged ingredients.
  • Throw a pancake party featuring recipes from around the world.
  • Invite guests to each bring a mystery ingredient and have a cook-off.
  • Spontaneously show up to a friends house with a bag of groceries and cook dinner.

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