Boot camp

Lace them up,

And let Boot Camp get you fit.

Also train your toughness,

And grow your grit.

Gym, track or field...

Whip yourself into shape.

And relish your new

And improved mind scape.

About this card

Among the noblest of skills is the ability to heal. From scraped knees to mental scars, Healing Hands is your call to attend, nurse and cure. The disciplines are endless. Learn to massage and relieve tense muscles, set up a sweat lodge to expunge toxins or craft a shaman's mask to ward off evil spirits. Whatever you choose, your mission is too important to ignore. The healing power is now in your hands.


  • Start a massage train (single file).
  • Take the most luxurious bath of your life.
  • Devote yourself to the study of palmistry.
  • Visit a shaman or folk healer.
  • Make something with your hands.
  • Learn reiki, or energy healing.
  • Offer yourself as a mediator in a dispute.
  • Explore all the pressure points of the body.
  • Bask in an array of essential oils.

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