When was the last time

You dressed to the nines?

Black Tie demands

You look formal and fine.

What’s the occasion?

You’ll have to decide.

As long as you’re

Elegance personified.

About this card

How you present yourself is how you perceive yourself.

A celebration of tradition and formality, Black Tie is more than an invitation to dress up. With a stately appearance and immaculate grooming, you will command respect wherever you go, draw others to you, attract new opportunities and be awarded with deeper levels of trust. Life is often compared to a grand costume ball. Choose your role in the party, and dress


  • Make pancakes and set your breakfast table as elaborately as for an imperial wedding.
  • Reenact an extravagant party from history.
  • Host your own fashion show.
  • Design your own formal wear.
  • Turn your next event into a black-tie affair.
  • Pretend your friends are all royals and curtsy and kiss each other’s hands.
  • Learn a formal dance like the waltz or foxtrot and host a dance marathon for charity.
  • Rummage through a thrift shop, pick fancy outfits and go bowling.
  • Dress up as your favorite character from your favorite play and recite your favorite line.

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