The Artist

The Artist

The Artist

The canvas is blank, The easel is set.
Your inner artist cries, For an outlet.
So grab a brush, pen, Or maybe some clay...
Choose your medium, And create away.


Card Meaning

Art is more than a language. It’s a way to share your passions, ideas and yourself too. The Artist urges you to don your smock and grab your brushes so you can bring your grandest visions and most sublime mas- terworks to life. Paper or papier-mâché, pen or pastel, your medium is irrelevant. The secret is to start, laugh off early mistakes and begin to unlock the boundless frontiers of your own imagination.

  1. Make your own personal or family crest.
  2. Paint or sketch your own portrait.
  3. Rummage through old magazines and make a collage.
  4. Invite your crew to draw two-minute caricatures of each other.
  5. Create your own mural.
  6. Make a sculpture out of found items.
  7. Write your own personal myth or legend.
  8. Be a street photographer and journey to the most interesting place in a thirty-mile radius and capture its people, mood and tensions.
  9. Make and wear your own tie-dye masterpieces
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