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Nine Arches is more than a game. To unlock a cache of ancient secrets, you must pass a series of real˗life trials, summoning the courage to do things that scare you, crush your limits, and chase your dreams. Do you and your crew have what it takes?

1. Stir The Magic 🧞‍♀️

Shuffle, deal and combine your quest cards to generate daring real˗life challenges.

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2. Take Action 🤸‍♀️

Unleash your creativity and hatch unforgettable experiences based on your chosen cards.

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3. Level Up 🤩

Complete sessions, pass through the mythic Arches, and soon the ancient secrets shall be yours.

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The most complete version of the game, with premium components that will guide you to your destiny.

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Critic Reviews

One of the most beautiful games I have ever encountered.


We all need a push to better ourselves, and Nine Arches presents that push in a beautifully constructed way.


A powerful tool for breaking out of the monotony and finally doing what you were always destined to do. 


Incredible. Not only do we want to play this game, we simply want to gawk at it on our shelves.


It's Your Move ☝️

Do the same old things, and get the same old results?

Or try a new path, brimming with new experiences, allies and treasures?